About Us:

Author / photographer Thomas Routzong was diagnosed with cancer in 1996 and given only a 30% chance of survival. His wife lost her battle with cancer soon after. Thomas survived and vowed not to waste even a minute of the rest his life. After working on the Apollo 11 space program that achieved the first man on the moon and then serving his community for 30 years as an educator, he began traveling the world, writing, and photographing beauty.

Author / photographer Steven Skelley has been a columnist for nine newspapers, a writer for many magazines and a staff features writer for a news service resulting in hundreds of published articles. His mother and both sisters all passed away much too young in their forties. At age 43, Steven battled his own life-threatening illness after being exposed to toxic mold but survived with a desire to encourage others through his writing, photography and music.

In 2006, Routzong and Skelley launched Sunny Harbor Publishing to encourage others to see the world and see it in a new way.

Their scenic photographic art has been displayed in homes, businesses and in multiple medical facilities as Healing Art to bring a sense of peace and calm in challenging situations.
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